Why Us

J. Lor & Company – Luxury Travel Consultant, invite you to explore the different cities of Italy, but not the way you have experienced them before. Our team is pleased to present, in luxury and style, to you and your families, experiences of a life time.

We would like you to see Italy from the eyes and hands of locals, to discover off-the-map delicacies and rustic Italian culture from where it began. Connect you with wineries we have experienced ourselves and to live the culture and enjoy its pleasures.

We ourselves are well-traveled and on our travels have experienced both good and bad. As a result, we are even more passionate about providing you with the best, most memorable experiences Italy has to offer.

J.Lor & Company - Luxury Tour Consultants present:




  • Settignano Tuscany homes


  • Truffle Hunt
  • Il Borgo Del Balsamico

More to be added