Paloma Sanchez biography

Paloma Sanchez is a GIA Gemologist and Jewelry Designer who looks for specimen-quality and exquisite stones all over the world. She never expects to find the same stone twice. And she never will create the same piece. Each is as one of a kind as was its journey into a unique stone.

Paloma Sanchez不仅是一位美国宝石学会宝石学家,而且是一位珠宝设计师。她遍游世界,只为寻觅独特精美的宝石。她从不期待能找到两颗相同的宝石;也从不设计相同的作品。她的每件作品,都是独一无二的,因为它们本身就是天地间独一无二的结晶。

Paloma likewise have a profound love and respect for her father, and that is why her personal journey began with law school. Paloma had passed both Spanish and French university entry exams in her hometown of Madrid, Spain, and to meet her father’s expectations, Paloma earned a law degree. Only then did her father permit Paloma to resume her journey toward creating jewelry from precious stones.


Paloma went on to earn her degree as a Graduate Gemologist and Jewelry Designer from the world-renowned Gemological Institute of America, in Los Angeles, California. In the following years, Paloma immersed herself in both retail and the business of global luxury brands, including Carrera y Carrera, Hublot, Cuervo&Sobrinos, and Patek Philippe.

Paloma在加州洛杉矶世界知名的美国宝石学院获得了宝石学家的学位。在之后的几年中,她投身于多个世界奢侈品包括零售和商业发展领域的工作,她服务过的品牌有Carrera y Carrera, Hublot, Cuervo&Sobrinos和Patek Philippe。

Now in Beijing since 2006, Paloma Sanchez is devoted full-time to searching for the loveliest stones from around the world, and then honoring their uniqueness with exquisite design.

从2006年至今Paloma Sanchez一直在北京,全情投入于寻找世界各地动人的宝石并赋予它们独一无二的精美设计。

Paloma’s travels for unique stones have taken her to the mines of Montana and Arizona in the U.S., to Vietnam, Thailand, Myanmar, Morocco, China, Colombia, Ethiopia, Tanzania, Mozambique, Dominican Republic and Madagascar. Sometimes their natural rough form is breathtaking enough to showcase with little interpretation, while others can be polished to reveal their fierce inner lights. It is this inner brilliance that Paloma loves to capture in her jewelry.


“It delights me to see women of individual character wear my unique creations. My personal view is that jewelry should be as precious and as one-of-a-kind as they are.” Paloma says.


In 2013, Paloma Sanchez was recognised as one of the thirty best jewelry designers in the world today and featured in the “Unique Book, The Best Jewelry Designers” launched at the Baselworld 2013, World Watch and Jewelry Show, in Basel, Switzerland.

2013 年,Paloma Sanchez 被认可为现今全球最佳 30 位珠宝设计师之一,并被列入瑞士巴塞尔钟表珠宝展上发布的 "Unique Book, The Best Jewelry Designers"(“珍宝手册:最佳珠宝设计师”)。

Louis Vuitton unveils a new collection of city guides, and places the Paloma Sanchez gallery in Beijing on the path of voyagers, with a feature in the Louis Vuitton City Guide Beijing launched in October 2013.

路易威登发布了新的城市指南系列,在其 2013 年 10 月的“路易威登城市指南北京版”中,以专题形式将 Paloma Sanchez 的艺廊推介给了世界游客

Mercedes-Benz and Louis Vuitton each have selected the Paloma Sanchez gallery to feature in their respective city guides to Beijing.
梅赛德斯-奔驰和路易威登都选择了Paloma Sanchez 珠宝店在各自的北京 城市指南

We can admire Paloma Sanchez’s creations in her Gallery in Beijing, and in Paris.

我们可以在Paloma Sanchez北京和巴黎的艺廊欣赏她的创作。