Winter Fashion ‘16

The winter season does not mean wearing boring clothing or boring colors.
Nowadays, each season comes with its own hot fashion items and so does winter. The only thing is knowing what is running hot these days.

Are you ready for the winter? Want to know what is running hot? How to dress edgy and classy? Keep on reading, it’s going to be enjoyable!

Fabrics, such as cashmere, velvet, wool and faux fur are rich, endless and fashionable in their own way. There is no much introduction needed, cause no words can do justice! Let’s just get straight into the four trendy outfits that will not only keep you warm, but will make you look like a fashionista.


Cashmere not only keeps your warm, but the fabrics is so soft on the skin that it turns into an ideal choice this winter. Even though, it is a little pricy, you definitely get value for it. Moreover, to give the off-white cashmere short dress a fashionable twist one can add knee high socks.


Velvet does the magic on its own. There is no requirement of additional items. The hype for this fabric makes it effortless to get your hands on it, as each store is bombarded with velvet in various colors: bottle (dark) green, royal blue, dark red and of course the always perfect color, black!

To give the outfit a stylish twist some metallic footwear can be added, as shown in the picture.

Moreover, don’t kill the richness of the fabric by adding to much accessories. Keep the focus right where it should be!


Perfect and easy for a casual day. These sweaters can be found in each clothing-store, which carry them in all colors, designs and sizes. Especially during Christmas, there are countless.

However, choosing bright colors and pastels instead of the regular blacks, greys and browns will give your look a trendy look.

Faux Fur

This chic and classy fabric, faux fur, adds elegancy and it’s one of the spiciest items this winter. It’s a must have, especially the coat with the hood! It’s perfect for both day and evening wear to add that glam to the entire outfit. Also, there are ear warmers and other small accessories available that contain faux fur!

Written by Ankita Anand, founder of

Ankita Anand

Ankita Anand

‘Travel. It leaves me speechless, then turns me into a storyteller’

Ankita is a New York-based, independent blogger. Born and raised in Amsterdam, the Netherlands, she is a business administration graduate, but soon discovered her attraction to blogging. In 2016, she started to share her personal experiences and views on all matters relating to beauty, fashion and travel. With this platform, she wants to motivate and inspire young women to taste life’s utmost by trying to leave their comfort zone and letting the magic around them happen…
Ankita has extensively traveled the world and has lived in Amsterdam, Vienna, Delhi and, most recently, New York. In early 2017, she will move to Singapore, providing many more opportunities to explore Asia!

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