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Nowadays, trends change ridiculously fast. At times, it becomes hard to keep up, or maybe it’s just crazy to stay up-to-date with all the latest fashion. Some trends are soft and sexy, whereas others are elegant and edgy.

All in all, there is always a trend that suits your personality. However, why deal with something that changes so frequently, when you have the privilege to maintain your own style?
Fashion is a trend, whereas style lives within a person. Don’t be fashionable, because then you are just following the trend. Rather be stylish, and be the one to set the trend!

Many celebrities have their so called “airport look”, which can be anything from smart casual to super stylish or just very comfortable. As such, let’s combine style with travel, which will be smart, comfortable and stylish!

The first thing to choose is a comfortable yet stylish outfit to wear, such as a dress made of a stretch material. It’s also handy if the outfit has pockets, so you can get rid of small things fast, for example, smartphone or coins.
Then, there is footwear – one of the most important elements as at airports there is a lot of standing and walking required! Therefore, choose for your comfort. That may mean heels, or maybe ballerinas.
Lastly, your carry-on bag. To pull your entire look together go for something easy yet stylish. Highly recommended and available in various sizes, colors and styles are the backpacks! At first, it might sound boring and not at all your style, but try it out – it’s super handy.
A backpack can’t be compared to any other carry-on bag. First, it doesn’t get in the way and leaves both your hands free. Then, plenty of these bags are very spacious. Lastly, not to forget, it makes traveling much more fun! You can focus on more important things rather than being annoyed by carrying a heavy bag or purse in your hands.

Are you ready to Travel in Style?

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Ankita Anand

Ankita Anand

‘Travel. It leaves me speechless, then turns me into a storyteller’

Ankita is a New York-based, independent blogger. Born and raised in Amsterdam, the Netherlands, she is a business administration graduate, but soon discovered her attraction to blogging. In 2016, she started to share her personal experiences and views on all matters relating to beauty, fashion and travel. With this platform, she wants to motivate and inspire young women to taste life’s utmost by trying to leave their comfort zone and letting the magic around them happen…
Ankita has extensively traveled the world and has lived in Amsterdam, Vienna, Delhi and, most recently, New York. In early 2017, she will move to Singapore, providing many more opportunities to explore Asia!

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